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All you need to do is just tell us your idea, and our professional staff can quickly proof in 3 days and send you a sample.

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Bulk Shipping

Most of the bulk goods are transported by sea. The main port we use is the Tianjin Port. Of course, we also support other ports.

Quick Shipping

For samples, we usually use more efficient transportation methods, such as air transportation, which can help you make purchasing decisions faster.

Quality Control

As we mentioned above, what we are good at is SOP. We constantly optimize every step in order to provide higher quality products.


In order to protect the environment, we will also use some recyclable materials, of course, these must be known to our clients.

OEM Available

We are very good at OEM. For you, it is very simple to send us a sample, and we can help you solve all the next things.

Global Support

Unlike many suppliers, we will not select customers, but try our best to help every customer in need of procurement.

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Orignal Factory & 3 Days Proofing

Why can we do 3 days of proofing? Because we have over 500 dynamic molds that can be quickly put together to help you realize your ideas quickly.

And we have over 30 product experts with over 5 years of experience designing and assembling chairs, they can be your sturdy backbone.

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