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Category: Purchasing Knowledge

Purchasing Knowledge

A Guide to Chair Dimensions: How to Choose the Right Size

“Choosing the right width for dining chairs is crucial for comfort during meals. This article provides an explanation of how chair width affects comfort and recommended chair widths for different scenarios. It also includes a guide on how to measure chair width. As a young CEO of a furniture manufacturing company specializing in dining tables and chairs, it’s important to consider the end-users’ comfort and satisfaction. By following the recommended chair widths, customers can enjoy their meals without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. The article also includes FAQs for common concerns about dining chair width. Visit for more information on our dining furniture products and services.”

Top 5 Furniture Fair
Purchasing Knowledge

Trade Show Guide: Top 5 Furniture Exhibitions In The World

The 60th Salone del Mobile. Milano has just ended and I guess you are still immersed in the avant-garde designs of these new trendy designers. As a furniture manufacturer, we have participated in no less than 20 industry exhibitions around the world, what are the characteristics of each of them? In this article, I will tell you my opinion.

Lin Pam

Hi, I’m Lin, the CEO of RJH Furniture

I am currently in charge of a factory that specializes in the production of living and dining room furniture. The purpose of this Knowledge Base is to share with you the knowledge related to Home Furniture from a Supplier’s perspective.

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